Annual Exhibition- Under Pressure!

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Our annual printmakers exhibition is scheduled for the month October this year – 3 to 29 October. The wide-open theme, selected by our members last year, is “Under Pressure”.

It’s a wonderful chance to let the community know about printmaking and what our group does.  We’d like to have everyone participate – beginners as well as those with more experience.

Prints can be framed or not, for sale or not, and any technique. Our two swaps this year will also be shown. Works on the wall must not have been shown before, but additional prints may be sold from tables set up for this purpose. Artists will pay TAS a 10% commission for any sales, and a small charge to cover printing, catering, etc. will also apply (about $15). TAS will print our catalogs and exhibition opening invitations, and arrange some PR.

Artwork must be delivered to TAS 2pm on Sunday 1 October, and picked up on Sunday 29th October 2pm.  Our opening party is on Sunday 8 October at 1:30pm – the well known artist and printmaker Stephen Spurrier will open the exhibition for us.

Judy  is the exhibition organiser and would be very grateful for assistance with catering, setting up for the opening, salesperson for opening, supervision rostering on weekends (10am – 2pm), etc.

Please consider which of your prints you would like to put in the exhibition, decide on title, price and framing, and let Judy know by the 15th September so the catalog can be printed. 

Saturday Printmakers

Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.




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Saturday Printmakers

We are a group of casual and professional creatives who regularly meet together to share our skills and passion for the diverse art form of printmaking. Beginners always welcome!

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