Women’s Kick Ass Print Project

Below message originally published on Linocut friends (Facebook). 

Nervously posting up my print project i managed to convince others is a great idea. Now comes the hard work of call for action, getting women to participate (please note I am really happy to curate entries from men as long as the ‘gender equality’theme for women is adhered too).

please note for participants:
Images are small (10 x 10 cm) lino. litho, collograpgh, stencil, with edition of minimum 3-5). preference for black ink on white paper on a 20 x 20 cm paper or A4.

it is requested participants attach a short 100-150 word story of gender equality that they personally relate to or know of that has affected their lived experience as women.
i realize that size constraints may present a challenge but this is in the terms of the exhibition application I submitted (under pressure of missing deadline) and successfully convinced the gallery to support this project.

Further details hopefully available today on the new group page
Women’s Kick Ass Print Project Participants. From this page i will try to provide information, support and collaboration of ideas to the overall project. Please note overall project is an ambitious 2 year project that I am currently funding from my shallow pockets. 

Emails with terms of conditions and entry forms will be sent to participants who join the page. Hope to see some of you there.

Thank you

Sophie Marie’ 

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To participate in the project please see their Facebook page and click on ‘join group’:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1088234114640272/

If you would like to participate but need assistance setting up a Facebook profile please speak to Jess at the Saturday Printmakers.



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