Upcoming events in May 2017!

Hi all,
Just a reminder about some of our May printmaking activities:
Saturday 13 May 9am: ‘Play Day’ on Mokulito (wood lithography) for those who did the recent workshop to practice the technique. All welcome to see this interesting technique.
Also for those in Print Swap #2, your prints are due (edition of 14, theme ‘Wild’).
Sunday 14 May (Mother’s Day) 9am: Penny Murphy is leading an informal workshop on Embossing. Please RSVP if you are coming so Penny can prepare.
Tools: Essential is a good sharp scalpel (screw in type), fine tweezers if you have them to pull out bits of card. Plan a simple design.
Penny will provide a small square of Crescent board each (9 x 7 cm), prepared with a coating of shellac. If you have mat board and want special sizes, please bring some along. (The thicker the better and coat both sides with shellac if you have it.) The mat board cuts with a better edge if coated before cutting.
For those who don’t know how, we will mix some shellac on the day. If you want an inked coloured version, the cut lines must not get wide enough to let the inked roller drop into the cut out areas, which will be the raised parts of the design after going through the press.
Penny will demo blind embossing (no colour) which looks great, and can accommodate cut out areas of any size. Bring scrap and good etching paper for the size you need.
Saturday & Sunday 20 – 21 May, 9am: Workshop on Beginners Polyester Plate Lithography.  Workshop is full. 
Every Friday morning 9am – 12noon: informal print group meets to work on projects and share techniques (and the odd coffee or tea). Thank you to Jo for leading the group! 
Saturday Printmakers

Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.

email: satprintmakers@yahoo.com.au

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Saturday Printmakers

We are a group of casual and professional creatives who regularly meet together to share our skills and passion for the diverse art form of printmaking. Beginners always welcome!

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