Mokulitho Printmaking Workshop

The Saturday Printmakers first workshop for the year, Mokulitho printmaking was held across the 29th – 30th April.

Mokulito is an eco-friendly, inexpensive printmaking method which utilises luan and/or marine ply to produce prints reminiscent of wood blocks and lithographs. Discovered in Japan 15 years ago, the contemporary method was recently introduced in Queensland, Australia.

Participants created two plates with different drawn and/or photocopy transferred images. Printing these individually and experimenting with overlaying them using water colours before printing. Many thanks to our tutor Dr Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura for sharing her knowledge and skills with us.

The intermediate workshop is scheduled for 15th & 16th July. More information will be posted here on Saturday, 20th May 2017.


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Saturday Printmakers

We are a group of casual and professional creatives who regularly meet together to share our skills and passion for the diverse art form of printmaking. Beginners always welcome!

One thought on “Mokulitho Printmaking Workshop”

  1. I really enjoyed the Mokulitho Printmaking Workshop with Dr. Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura. It was a great two days. I loved the out come of my prints. Thank you Jenny.


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