Green Pea Press Print Exchange (Theme: PASSION)- Due 30th June 2017

Green Pea Press 2017

2017 Green Pea Press Print Exchange: Passion (deadline 6/30/2017

Green Pea Press is extending an invitation to printmakers worldwide to participate our fourth annual Print Exchange. Printmakers of all skill levels are encouraged to submit an edition of ten original hand-pulled prints in exchange for an assortment of eight different original prints by other participants plus one commemorative print made by Green Pea Press. Of the two remaining prints one will become part of the Green Pea Press permanent collection and one will be used in an exhibition and sale at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment, the largest independently owned arts facility in the United States (don’t forget to include your contact info on the back of every piece). Original work in traditional art print mediums is acceptable e.g. relief, etching, lithography, serigraphy, intaglio, letterpress, collagraphy, monotype editions, etc. No photographic prints or purely digital print submissions will be accepted, but digital printing integrated into a hand pulled print is fine. This year’s theme is Passion. We hope this theme will inspire your creative process and be evident in your finished work. However, work outside of this theme is also perfectly acceptable. Please be sure to check out last year’s “Borderlands” themed entries.’

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all print artists worldwide.

DUE DATE: 6/30/2017. Entries post marked by the due date will be accepted.

PRINT DIMENSIONS: Paper size 5” x 7” (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm). For the printed area, any up to the 5” x 7” paper dimension size is permissible.

PRINT MEDIA: Traditional art print techniques: relief, etching, lithography, serigraphy, chine-collé, intaglio, letterpress, collagraphy, and monotype editions. No photographs or digital prints, but digital in combination with a traditional print technique resulting in a final hand-pulled print is acceptable.

EDITION SIZE: Ten prints, each one signed, dated, and numbered 1/10 – 10/10. Titles are optional. Please feel free to include networking information on the reverse side of your prints e.g. contact information, websites. Interleave all prints with recycled paper, tissue paper, or glassine prior to shipping.

ENTRY FEE: $20 USD for non-students and $15 USD for students. We currently accept payment by check via mail or credit/debit card online. All international submissions please pay using our online submission form. Payments made online must be submitted when you mail your edition.

SUBMISSION INFORMATION: Mail your print edition of ten (with interleaving), with the entry fee (or pay at time of shipment using our online submission form), and be sure to include on a separate paper your name, if a student your school, email address, website (optional), and mailing address so we can ship your assortment of eight prints from other exchange participants. Remember due date is 6/30/2017.

Mail to: Green Pea Press / 2211 Seminole Drive SW  Studio 122 / Huntsville, Alabama 35805 USA

For more information please access the following website:


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