Printmaking basics

As we have a number of new members who have recently joined the group, there are a number of online videos available which people may find useful in learning different printmaking techniques.


Skillshare– An online learning platform where artists/designers/entrepreneurs and business people  pots videos demonstrating their skills on a set-subject. The purpose of these videos is to assist the audience to develop their capacity in undertaking a task and or to further their prior skills and abilities.

You can sign-up for a  3 month trial period for $0.99:

The site provides 10 printmaking videos covering lino block and reduction printing, monotypes, gelli printing, and gravure printing.

Although not an extensive number, printmakers may find other videos useful and applicable to their preferred practice (e.g. photoshop- Photopolymer printmaking/screen printing; watercolour- hand-colouring relief prints etc).


YouTube- Artists and design tutors are increasingly placing videos of different printmaking techniques online.These can be located by placing key words in the search terms field. For example, a general search of the term ‘printmaking’ has located the below videos:

If you require any assistance with accessing these websites, and/or navigating them, don’t hesitate to place a comment below and I will email you directly.






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Saturday Printmakers

We are a group of casual and professional creatives who regularly meet together to share our skills and passion for the diverse art form of printmaking. Beginners always welcome!

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