Print Exchange (April 30th)- Castlemaine Press


International Print Exchange 2017

In My Backyard”

Printmakers from around the world are invited to join us in this exchange.
Theme “In My Backyard”
Be as liberal as you like with your interpretation of this theme.

Paper size is 12cm square (4.7 inches square).  Images can be printed on any part of the paper or edge to edge. Paper should be acid free.

Number of prints
Each artist will create an edition of 10 prints signed and numbered (1/10, 2/10 etc) and mail to Castlemaine Press.  One print will be kept by Castlemaine Press for exhibition and sale. Nine prints will be exchanged and participating artists will be sent a random selection in return.
Each print should have the artist’s name, title and medium in pencil on the back.

The prints will be uploaded to the Castlemaine Press website so everyone can view the prints online

In addition there will be an exhibition at Castlemaine Press where the prints will be available for sale

Entry fee
$25 AU in Australia and $30 AU international (outside Australia) The proceeds will all go to Castlemaine Press

Prints must arrive by April 30 2017. But please get yours in as early as possible.

Post to
Castlemaine Press
PO Box 201
Castlemaine, VIC, 3450.

Any questions

For more information about Castlemaine Press, their workshops and activities, please access their website here:





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Saturday Printmakers

We are a group of casual and professional creatives who regularly meet together to share our skills and passion for the diverse art form of printmaking. Beginners always welcome!

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