About ‘ The Saturday Printmakers’

The Saturday Printmakers‘ are a printmaking group within the Toowoomba Art Society (TAS). Our printmaking press is housed in TAS at 1 Godsall Street, Toowoomba (opposite Queens Park near the Botanic Gardens), Queensland, Australia.

The goal of the TAS Saturday Printmakers is to foster & share knowledge of printmaking techniques within a positive and nurturing environment. At the same time working in an earth friendly & eco-conscious manner.

The Saturday Printmakers hold an annual exhibition and participate in two print swaps each year. Members have opportunities to participate in a variety of workshops throughout the year. These workshops cater for various skill levels – including beginners through to professionals.

Members of the  Saturday Printmakers pay membership to the Toowoomba Art Society  (see their annual fees on their website) and also pay $10 to our group annually. Members also pay $2.00 to TAS each time we access their space to cover electricity, water, coffee & tea etc. New members must complete a ‘using the press’ induction before accessing our studio space independently. Our next induction is scheduled for Sunday, 21st January. 


The Saturday Printmakers meet weekly on Fridays 9-12 noon and occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays between 9-4pm as per the calendar of events. Our group gatherings/catch-ups for 2018 are scheduled for: Saturday 20th Jan, Sunday 4th Feb, Sunday 6th May, Sunday 5th August, Saturday 8th September & Saturday 1st December 

For enquiries either email satprintmakers@yahoo.com.au or by contacting TAS directly on (07) 4632 5725


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